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    "I'm into Robots..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "I'm into Early 90's Slang..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "Every Week on Entourage"
    I co-wrote and star in this parody of Entourage - where the same thing happens every episode. • PLAY
    "I'm into Bad Stand-Up..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into bad stand-up comedians. • PLAY
    UnTopical Man On the Street
    I ask passersby about stuff that isn't relevant at all. • PLAY
    DP Ruins Terminator Trailer
    The original Terminator trailer before Christian Bale fired the DP. • PLAY
    Sayid Bombs at Stand-Up
    Watch Lost? Here's some downtime on the island. • PLAY
    I'm Into Clippy...
    I call a phone sex girl and let her know I'm really into Clippy from MS Word.• PLAY
    Gil on Jimmy Fallon
    Watch as I sell Ayn Rand books like hot dogs.• PLAY
    * Thursday, March 3, 2011 :
    Two and a Half Days of Two and a Half Men!

    As you all know, Charlie Sheen is having a great time right now. A while back, before the whole Tiger Blood debacle, I had an idea after speaking to someone about the CBS show, "Two and a Half Men." Here's what came to mind:

    Charlie Sheen is the highest paid actor on television.
    Two and a Half Men is the most watched comedy on TV.
    Two and a Half Men is also a crutch for every comedian when they need to reference the worst thing on TV.

    I have also never seen a single episode.

    Now, "Two and a Half Men" might be terrible. But I don't want to make any "judgments" before I see it.

    My plan is to videotape myself watching every single episode of "Two and a Half Men" (around 177 episodes) in a single sitting. Now for the remarkable part. At around 21 minutes per episode, this roughly equates to 62 hours, or appropriately and amazingly, it equates to a running time of exactly: Two and a Half Days!

    Hence - Two and a Half Days of Two and a Half Men.

    So here's the plan. Funny or Die is producing and my good friend Curtis Gwinn is directing. What better time to do this, then when Charlie Sheen is WINNING. So it's all happening - this weekend starting tomorrow morning, Friday, March 4th (around 10AM PST) - Sunday night, March 6th.

    I am locking myself in a room. We'll have cameras capturing all the footage. I will hopefully lose my mind. We'll have a bunch of guests too -- including Paul Scheer, John Gemberling, Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, Curtis Gwinn, Emily Strachan, Paul Rust, and yes we will have porn stars!

    You can check in with me, ask me questions, etc. as the event will be broadcast live on Yowie at http://www.yowie.com/show/2ad

    I can't wait to see if I can make it! BUT - I believe I can do this, because as Charlie Sheen says, “Can’t is the cancer of happen.”
    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 4:18 PM   4 comments
    * Wednesday, May 26, 2010 :
    War Pigs!
    If you're here, then you probably already know that I made the web site for the movie War Pigs!

    If not, here's the deal - I designed an entire site for a fake movie, a hoax, intended to be the next film in line from the producers of "Wild Hogs" and "Old Dogs." It's called "War Pigs" and it's about four suburban dads who decide to go into North Korea in order to get their kidnapped children back from Kim Jong-Il.
    The website is here: warpigsmovie.com

    Hope you like it! Please pass it on. If we're lucky this horrific movie will actually get made.
    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 12:45 PM   1 comments
    * Tuesday, May 25, 2010 :
    30 Days of Ellen DeGeneres Look-a-Likes

    During this past American Idol season, I noticed that Ellen DeGeneres looked really weird. I knew she looked like something, put couldn't put my finger on just what that was. So I decided to try an experiment. 30 days of Ellen Look-a-Likes. I posted the entries on Twitter and Facebook. Here are all 30 of them, with a few submissions I got along the way at the end.

    1) Lori Petty Aged 45 years
    2) Link from Zelda in Benetton Clothing
    3) A Prune and an Aryan had Sex
    4) An Albino Hobbit
    5) Big Bird with No Feathers
    6) Maxine Headroom
    7) Powder with a Caesar
    8) A Stylish Fire Marshall Bill
    9) Draco Malfoy has Mono
    10) Lesbian Ethan Hawke
    11) Nurse Jackie's Grandfather
    12) Christopher Lloyd with Highlights
    13) The Ghost of Ellen DeGeneres
    14) A Yellow Raisin
    15) Neil Patrick Harris has no Oxygen to Breath
    16) Electrocuted Skeleton of Donald Duck
    17) Teenage Paul Bettany
    18) Willem Dafoe dressed as Fred from Scooby-Doo
    19) Ewan McGregor after being in a Sauna for 8 Months
    20) Anorexic Dennis the Menace shops at Ann Taylor
    21) Tony Randall Baptized in Bleach
    22) Michael Cera with Nearly Lethal Sun Stroke
    23) Jane Lynch had sex with a Joker on a Playing Card
    24) Tranny Peter-Panny
    25) Martina Navratilova Swallows an Entire Box of Chalk (via @hiprobbie)
    26) A Raccoon Got Trapped Inside a Tanning Bed (via @JamisonGuest)
    27) E.T.'s Finger (via @ebrawley)
    28) The Twin Brother of the British Science Teacher from Willy Wonka (via @curtisgwinn)
    29) The Decaying, Dead, Gap-Toothed Body of Cloris Leachman (via @adampally)
    30) Microwaved Judi Dench in the Colonel Sanders Outfit

    American Idol Look-a-Like Bonus: Adam Lambert looks like Natalie from Facts of Life if she were a Greaser

    Other Great Submissions I got for Ellen Look-a-Likes:

    -Carey Mulligan has been through a Tornado
    -Johnny from Cobra Kai born as an Old Eunuch
    -Frozen Lance Bass (via @emilystrachan)
    -Glenn Close as a Nickelodeon Game Show Host (via Kate Riley)
    -Paris Hilton mid-shrink process in the Shrinky Dink oven if she was a Shrinky Dink decal. (via Julia Grace)
    -If Gollum and Ken from Barbie had a lovechild. (via Anna Rose Roisman)
    -Hero of the Hudson, Sully Sullenberger shaves his mustache. (via Brian Faas)
    -10-year-old Owen Wilson in seersucker. (via @citizenhudson)
    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 9:49 AM   0 comments
    * Monday, April 5, 2010 :
    A Night of 140 Tweets

    Hey guys! I'm sure you've already heard about it, but A Night of 140 Tweets was just released on iTunes and DVD. It was a benefit for Haiti that I was fortunate enough to be a part of that included a bunch of funny people. The show was 140 comedians and celebs reading their best tweets.

    Now you can laugh and be a great human being by buying the show! And your money will automatically go to rebuilding homes!

    On iTunes ($2.99) - On DVD ($10.99) Thanks!
    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 1:27 PM   0 comments
    * Tuesday, February 2, 2010 :
    The Other Others
    Check out this LOST parody video I'm in, with the hilarious Curtis Gwinn, Adam Pally and John Gemberling. It was directed by Dan Eckman of Derrick Comedy.

    The video is about the "other" survivors on the island and was made for a E! Television sketch show pilot that never made it to air.

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 12:49 PM   2 comments
    * Tuesday, December 1, 2009 :
    Water Me, Bro
    Check out this new short I co-wrote with the hilarious Emily Strachan.

    It's a plant leaving a series of messages for his owner, after he forgets to be watered.


    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 7:06 AM   0 comments
    * Thursday, October 29, 2009 :
    "I'm into Bad Houseguests..."
    Hey guys - my new round of animated phone sex pranks is up on College Humor - take a look at it below! This time I told the phone sex operator I was into Bad Houseguests. You know, the kind that never leave. The call is 100% real, and 100% expensive. Thanks again to Dan Meth, who animated it. If you have a minute, Digg it here.

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 1:09 PM   1 comments
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