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    "I'm into Robots..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "I'm into Early 90's Slang..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "Every Week on Entourage"
    I co-wrote and star in this parody of Entourage - where the same thing happens every episode. • PLAY
    "I'm into Bad Stand-Up..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into bad stand-up comedians. • PLAY
    UnTopical Man On the Street
    I ask passersby about stuff that isn't relevant at all. • PLAY
    DP Ruins Terminator Trailer
    The original Terminator trailer before Christian Bale fired the DP. • PLAY
    Sayid Bombs at Stand-Up
    Watch Lost? Here's some downtime on the island. • PLAY
    I'm Into Clippy...
    I call a phone sex girl and let her know I'm really into Clippy from MS Word.• PLAY
    Gil on Jimmy Fallon
    Watch as I sell Ayn Rand books like hot dogs.• PLAY
    * Wednesday, June 3, 2009 :
    "I'm Into Robots with No Emotions..."
    My next animated phone call is up on College Humor - take a look at it below! This time, I called up a phone sex girl and told her I was into robots with no emotions (think Haley Joel Osment from A.I.) Again, the call is 100% real, and 100% expensive. Thanks again to Dan Meth, who is an awesome animator. If you have a minute, Digg it here.

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 9:36 AM  
    • At July 9, 2009 at 9:27 AM, Blogger Noriko said…

      I saw your prank phone call on facebook posted by Collegehumor and OMG it was sooo funny!! Then I thought I would like to see more if there were any and happened to find your site on google! This robot episode is maaaaaaaad!!! OMG when the lady kept saying the numbers and you said "doesnt make sense"!!!!! Great laughs I had in a while! I love it, thank you!
      Hope you will make more of these episodes!!! All the best!!from Japan


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