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    *Short Films:
    "I'm into Robots..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "I'm into Early 90's Slang..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into Robots with No Emotion. • PLAY
    "Every Week on Entourage"
    I co-wrote and star in this parody of Entourage - where the same thing happens every episode. • PLAY
    "I'm into Bad Stand-Up..."
    Prank call where I tell the phone sex girl I'm into bad stand-up comedians. • PLAY
    UnTopical Man On the Street
    I ask passersby about stuff that isn't relevant at all. • PLAY
    DP Ruins Terminator Trailer
    The original Terminator trailer before Christian Bale fired the DP. • PLAY
    Sayid Bombs at Stand-Up
    Watch Lost? Here's some downtime on the island. • PLAY
    I'm Into Clippy...
    I call a phone sex girl and let her know I'm really into Clippy from MS Word.• PLAY
    Gil on Jimmy Fallon
    Watch as I sell Ayn Rand books like hot dogs.• PLAY
    * Wednesday, June 17, 2009 :
    A Master Class in Comedy
    Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know about my upcoming one-man show this Friday, June 19th at 8PM. The show is a spoof instructional guide on breaking into Hollywood taught by failed Catskills comedian Buzzy Shore. I'd love if you could make it. The details are below, including my poster in which I look very scummy.

    WHAT: Buzzy Shore's Master Class in Comedy
    WHEN: Friday, June 19th 8PM
    WHERE: Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre NYC
    307 West 26th Street (BTW 8th and 9th Ave.)
    HOW MUCH: $10

    For reservations call (212) 366-9176 or go here:

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 3:26 PM   0 comments
    * Monday, June 15, 2009 :
    Every Week on Entourage
    Here's a new parody short of HBO's Entourage, which has had the same plot line for the last five seasons. I co-wrote it with Adam Pally (Hot Sauce, Death by Roo) and it was shot by the guys over at College Humor - take a look at it below! It also stars the following hilarious people - Bobby Moynihan (SNL), Curtis Gwinn (Fat Guy Stuck in Internet), Thomas Middleditch (Splinterheads), and Jon Gabrus (MoCap, LLC). If you have a minute, Digg it here.

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 5:01 PM   0 comments
    * Wednesday, June 3, 2009 :
    "I'm Into Robots with No Emotions..."
    My next animated phone call is up on College Humor - take a look at it below! This time, I called up a phone sex girl and told her I was into robots with no emotions (think Haley Joel Osment from A.I.) Again, the call is 100% real, and 100% expensive. Thanks again to Dan Meth, who is an awesome animator. If you have a minute, Digg it here.

    posted by Gil Ozeri @ 9:36 AM   1 comments
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    I'm Gil Ozeri. Welcome to my website! Check it out and drop me a line here. Come see a show!

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